The essential moves to shine on the dance floor. It's not about mastering an endless number of figures, it's about moving on the dance floor with just a few elements! How?. - You will learn that in this course!


Go ahead and have fun.


West Coast Swing


- a trendy cool dance from California -

The West Coast Swing is a cool dance.
It can be danced to almost any music and therefore makes it something special.

A dance mostly in 4/4 time. We move at 20 to 35 beats per minute.
The West Coast Swing is a stationary dance, so it is mostly danced on a Slot.

In this course I will show you two basic elements of the West Coast Swing, the "Sugar Push" and the "Left Side Pass". We combine and variate the steps and the holding variations.

We do preliminary exercises for required elements.

We explain the steps and the individual elements in detail for ladies and gentlemen.

We dance ahead with counting, without music.

We dance ahead with counting to music.

We explain the tour and give you technical tips, arm styling and posture.


After this course you know:

- the foundational theory.

- after that comes feet and technique

- practice the partnerwork in practice.

- and finally perfecting the presentation.


The course is useful for couples and and solo dancers.


See you soon in the lessons.

West Coast Swing - Basics 1 - English